Marion Countys Real Flea Market
Take advantage of our new special prices.  We want venders, garage sale people, produce venders, etc to fill our 20 acres. That's why we only charge $3.00 for an undercover outside spot.  These spots include 2 tables. Our outside prices are NEVER going to increase. They are $3 forever. 

Belleview Florida (10 miles South of Ocala)
1/2 mile north of The Market of Marion
Easy to get to. Located on a major highway.
We are open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday except for Christmas Day


Phone: 352-245-3532

6AM-3PM 7 days a week 
Go to Map to get driving directions.
We are located on highway 441 which is a major highway running north and south all the way through the entire state of Florida.
If you are taking interstate 75, get off at the Belleview exit.  Go east towards Belleview.  When you get to Belleview and highway 441, make a right and go about 3 more miles until you see the Grumpy Jerry's billboard .  If the front parking lot is full, drive straight ahead.  There is plenty of parking towards the back of the 20 acres.

Our Tip to You

On the weekends, especially on Saturdays, if the weather is nice and we are in season, we are very busy.  If you do not get here really early (before 8am), dealers from other flea markets and our dealers run around real quick to find the garage sale people.  Since garage sale people want to get in and get out, they have a habit of selling things, and sometimes really nice things really cheap.  Since dealers know that a lot of garage sale people come here, they get here prior to opening up and clean up on deals.  What I am trying to say is get here early if you want to get in on the action.  This is not a little Walmart.  It really does make a difference on what kind of bargain you can find if you beat everyone to the punch.  Another good way to get bargains is to get here late (after 1).  That is when the garage sale people that thought they could get $50 for their used microwave drop their prices because they do not want to bring it back home.  Dealers do not mind bringing things back as much as garage sale people do.  Garage sale people want to sell and go back to work on Monday.  This is why this flea market is so fun.  We target sellers like that.  They know they can come here and unload, and dealers are glad to help them.  If you are not a dealer or a garage sale person, perhaps you just learned something.  The early bird gets the worm.  
Oh, and we do not just have garage sales here.  We have lots of new items as well.

Grumpy Jerry's Flea Market
Celeste Eubanks
12180 south highway 441
Belleview Florida


Outside under cover spaces (tents) are $3.00 plus tax.
Under cover spaces outside include two 2 by 8 tables and are 10 by 10.  
Outside, rear of the market 10 by 10 spaces are $3.00 plus tax and you get two tables.

Under the sheds is $100 a month plus tax which includes one 2 by 8 table in a 10 by 12 spot.
(Spots uder the sheds, are also available daily.)

 We also have a 24 hour guard to help watch your things in case you wish to leave them, and are fenced in and locked up when we are not open.

Directions and Prices
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